Alexander Kaun CSKA visited club's office, talked to journalists and learned that he is considered as a future star of the team...
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Say hello to Cleveland!
Sasha still looks a bit confused and sometimes thinks for a moment to say the word in Russian. He assures that his native language isn't difficult, but at the same time recognizes that sometimes he thinks in English. Sometimes he pronounce English words in a Russian way.

Yet he is Russian - there is no doubt. Not because of the passport. He felt himself a star basketball player for the Kansas University but he behaves modestly and responds to questions with additional sincerity.

He may say that "he will give a 110 per cent", but assured that the biggest test for him will be not the play in the shirt of Team Russia or CSKA, but a lot of money, provided by Sasha's contract. "We know many examples where some guys were selected in the first round of NBA draft, received millions and blow off basketball. I do not want to be among them", - pronounced the newcomer.

In CSKA it is obviously a lot of fun. Even Matjaz Smodis joked on a rookie. "Matjaz read the news about Sasha, called me and asked, hinting at the English spelling of name Kaun (sounds like "horse", symbol of army club in Russian): "What kind of horse did you sign?" - said Andrei Vatutin.

Obviously Kaun returned to his homeland not only because he wanted to gain experience and earn money (by the way after finishing his career he to switch to another favorite business - programming). Two visits in Russia in seven years... even his friends from the States who like to praise their country sympathize him. "They are happy for me and told me they expect to see me again", - said Alexander.

Andrei Vatutin winced when the journalists mentioned the NBA once again. The contract is valid for three years, and Kaun can depart to America only after two seasons. But Vatutin sees Sasha's future differently. "It is always a pleasure to sign the young Russian players, - he noticed. - Kaun made some major basketball news this spring. We monitored his growth for three years and his success didn't surprise us. We have big hopes and believe he will be a key player for CSKA in the future and one of the leaders of Russian national team. And do not connect him to NBA for two yaers. Just say hello to Cleveland! Kaun is a player for CSKA".


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