Euroleague CEO Jordi Bertomeu visited Moscow where he held working meetings with Russian Basketball Federation head and representatives of top Russian clubs. The participants of those improvised conference sessions shared their impressions with CSKA press office...
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Bertomeu will support interests of Russian clubs
Euroleague CEO Jordi Bertomeu visited Moscow where he held working meetings with Russian Basketball Federation head and representatives of top Russian clubs. The participants of those improvised conference sessions shared their impressions with CSKA press office.

Jordi Bertomeu, Euroleague CEO:

“Yesterday we met Andrei Vatutin and Natasha Furaeva, later in the afternoon – Victor Bychkov and Elena Nazarova [BC Khimki CEO and the head of International Department]. We had an opportunity to visit Khimki for the first time and we were impressed – the team is very well organized, the game was good, the atmosphere was very nice and that was a good surprise for us. Today we spent the morning on the private meeting with RBF President Sergey Chernov, where we discussed the future plans of Euroleague for the next year, the situation after meetings in Berlin and Barcelona, constant evolution of our projects. We exchanged the opinions about our proposals and after that the clubs – CSKA, Khimki and Dynamo – joined us. I explained to them directly what’s going on with all this processes because where were some confusions.

First of all we were talking about Euroleague regulations for the next season and clubs quota. We want to change the competition system, to add some new teams from different countries and we are going to propose to have more clubs from Russia. It doesn’t mean this will be approved. We propose to have minimum two teams from Russia. One of them definitely will be CSKA – not because of special invitation but due to Euroleague rankings. CSKA is one of the best teams in Europe. The others will be chosen according to the results of Russian championship.

CSKA is the member of Euroleague board, our representative here in Russia. It makes sense that CSKA organized this meeting. Your club defends the country’s interests all the last years during Eurolague meetings, and more intensively during this months when there are a lot of discussions on the matter.”

Sergey Chernov, the President of Russian Basketball Federation

“We were talking with Jordi for a long time on different matters connected to Euroleague. And we came to understanding that his proposal is the only possible scenario. We cannot hope for more. The proposal to increase the number of Russian teams to two will be made during Euroleague Assembly and we will stand for this position. This year also the conference of ULEB-Euroleague workgroup (where I participate) will be held, and it was necessary to develop the clear position of Russian Basketball Federation before it starts. But the main thing is that we will try to increase the number of our teams.”

Andrey Vatutin, CSKA CEO:

“The meeting of Sergey Chernov, three Russian clubs’ representatives with Jordi Bertomeu was held for the first time, and we cannot underestimate its importance. The exchange of opinions surely will help to find mutual understanding in European basketball. Undoubtedly, the meeting took place in Moscow thanks to increasing authority of Superleague and RBF management, clear position of Russian clubs and the attention paid to Russian by Euroleague and Mr. Bertomeu. I am sure that our common goal is to increase the representation of Russia to maximum possible number. Euroleague General Assembly will take place in February, and in the case of approving the project proposed by Mr. Bertomeu Russia will get two guaranteed places in the tournament for the next season and one place in the Qualification Round. Plus, if Russian team will win the EuroCup, the number of teams from our country can reach four.”

Victor Bychkov, BC Khimki CEO:

“I consider this meeting as very important. It was the first time it was held in those format – Euroleague CEO, RBF president and CEOs of top Russian clubs. The meeting was held in open atmosphere, a lot of matters were touched, and the number one problem was definitely the increasing of number of teams from our country in the strongest European competition. The fact that the meeting took place tells that we made some steps in right direction. Of course, the decisions will be made in February, during the Euroleague Assembly, but the meeting adds some optimism and tells us that our chances are higher than they were. Obviously, it is the merit of our Federation and clubs that Euroleague management seriously discusses the changes in the tournament system. Though in the summer of 2008 those talks were considered as a far perspective, beginning from 2012.”

Gennady Drozdov, Dynamo Moscow CEO:

“The meeting was productive, a lot of questions were clarified, including the responsibility areas of Euroleague and ULEB. I liked that we were talking together with the RBF President Sergey Chernov and the representatives of other Russian clubs. Jordi Bertomeu made it clear that during February Euroleague Assembly and on a workgroup meeting before the Assembly the question of increasing of the number of Russian teams will be decided. It is important that we will know about the decisions soon and I hope they will be positive for us.”


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