Guard Aaron Jackson leaves our team upon expiration of his contract…
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Thank you, Jack!
Guard Aaron Jackson leaves our team upon expiration of his contract.

American point guard impressed everyone by his performance in Bilbao Basket, joined CSKA in 2012 and has become the integral part of the Army Team. In his five seasons here Aaron jumped into Top 10 in games played for the club (306, 194 starts). He also recorded 879 assists – only Holden, Khryapa, Teodosic and Papaloukas had more. With his active involvement the red-blues won the Euroleague title in 2016 and defended Russian and VTB League titles year after year. Aaron was the team’s co-captain last two seasons.

Andrey Vatutin, CSKA Moscow President:
It is always difficult to say “farewell” to our team’s player. Initially we collect the roster by picking not only the good players but the good persons as well; we spend a lot of time together to become real friends. But Jack’s case is extremely tough. Aaron was a soul of the team, he was its barrel of laughs and unquestioned authority at the same time. He demanded a lot from his teammates, sharing the captain’s duties with Victor, but he was also the first to jump into battle not giving up a single inch of the floor. His flow of spirits, sincerity of his words and actions made him loved by everyone – teammates, coaches, staff, fans, journalists. He will stay forever as our good friend, we will be happy to see him on any given day, in any place, wearing any team’s uniform. I sincerely wish Aaron to be happy person, to play many more years and reach a lot in his pro career.

Dimitris Itoudis, CSKA Moscow head coach:
It was a real privilege to work with such player, with such character. He always had a wish to practice, to compete. I thank him for cooperation and achievements with CSKA, I wish Aaron the best of luck in personal and basketball life.

Aaron Jackson:
I want to say thank you to the entire management and staff of CSKA for giving me an opportunity to help win titles for the club. Words can’t express how much love was built during my 5 years here. I also want to thank the fans and supporters for being patient while I grew up as a basketball player in front of them.


24 June 12:51
Спасибо, Джек, ты стал нашим!!! Приезжай!!!
18 June 15:13
Спасибо, Джек! За твой сумасшедший дриблинг, за твою искреннюю улыбку, за ваши с Андрюхой Воронцевичем ритуальные приветствия, за то, что ты всегда бился за ЦСКА сердцем, не подгибая коленей, за то, что стал своим, красно-синим. Удачи тебе, Братан!
17 June 11:24
16 June 22:57
Джек, и тебе спасибо!
16 June 19:58
Очень ,очень жаль((Спасибо за самоотдачу и бойцовский характер.Ты был одним из моих самых любимых игроков нашей команды.
16 June 17:12
СУП {16.06.2017 12:38:06}:
16 June 16:27
Печально… Удачи в новом клубе!
16 June 15:58
ООООчень жаль… я плАчу(((((
16 June 14:54
Грустно. Удачи, Джек! Тебя всегда так веселило это:"Балет, балет, балет".
16 June 14:25
Жаль( Спасибо, Джек! Приезжай в Москву.
16 June 13:04
Жаль, что не стали продлевать контракт ((
Видимо, из-за возраста: других причин я не вижу. Но судя по игре Аарона в этом сезоне - ближайшие пару лет он точно смог бы еще приносить пользу армейскому клубу.
Спасибо за все, Джек! Удачи в новом клубе. Уверен, в Евролиге еще не раз тебя увидим и сможем насладиться твоим мастерством )
16 June 12:54
Good luck, mate! Thank you for all you've done! CSKA is your family forever!
16 June 12:43
Прикипела.Очень. Удачи тебе,Джек!!!
Не забывай Москву.
16 June 12:38
До последнего надеялся, что что-то изменится. Дерьмовейшее ощущение. До свидания. Не забывай.
16 June 12:27
Аарон, у меня нет слов. Я горд что 5 лет следил за тобой (выгляжу как больной ублюдок, да), и чуть меньше времени за твоим котом.
Никогда еще не было так тяжело, когда игрок покидал нас, спасибо тебе за все.
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