Portland is promising to become the most Russian team in NBA. Last noght Blazers selected Sergey Monia and traded Viktor Khryapa from CSKA.
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General managed of Portland has commented his choose
Portland is promising to become the most Russian team in NBA. Last noght Blazers selected Sergey Monia and traded Viktor Khryapa from CSKA. After the draft procedure General manager of the team John Nash has commented their choose:

After the first round of the 2004 NBA draft, we feel that we've made some pretty good acquisitions.

We picked up teammates from Russia in Sergei Monia and Viktor Khryapa. Although it wasn't a plan we went in with, we knew we were interested in both players. As the draft was unfolding we were pretty pleased that both were still available. When the opportunity presented itself, we jumped on it.

We made our trade with New Jersey in order to pick up both players. Adding these two after already acquiring Sebastian Telfair gives us three quality players.

After the draft Khryapa and Monia answered questions of Blazers official site:


What type of skills can you bring to the Portland Trail Blazers?

Khryapa: I think I can bring good defense to the Portland Trail Blazers.

Blazers.com: What is your number on skill?

Khryapa: My best skill that I can bring to this team is my defense.

Blazers.com: Tell us a little about your teammate Sergei?

Khryapa: He is a lot tougher of a player then I am. He also has a great shooter.

Blazers.com: Do you know anything about the Portland Trail Blazers?

Khryapa: I know I liked working out with them last year. I liked everybody there including the management and the players. I know they are a good team.

Blazers.com: Do you plan on staying overseas?

Khryapa: I have two more years on my contract in Russia. If the Blazers buy out my contract I will be free to come and play for them.


Blazers.com: What type of basketball game do you like to play? Do you like to play a fast pace game or slow?

Monia: I like a fast, organized game with lots of dunks

Blazers.com: How would you describe your game/skills?

Monia: I like to play good basketball with good defense and good offense.

Blazers.com: Are you excited to come to Portland?

Monia: I am very excited and can’t wait to come to Portland.

Blazers.com: Can you describe your teammate Victor’s game?

Monia: He is a great overall player. He is a very complementary player. He is a great defender.

Blazers.com: What do you bring to the Blazers? Do you have a great jump shot for example?

Monia: It will depend on the situation. I will do what ever I have to get the job done depending on the situation.

Blazers.com: What skills do you think you could improve on?

Monia: I am constantly working on all aspects of my game.

Blazers.com: What is one thing you can bring to the Portland Trail Blazers?

Monia: My shooting. I love to shoot

Blazers.com: What do you know about the Portland Trail Blazers?

Monia: I have been following the Blazers for awhile, since I was able to watch them on Russian TV.

Blazers.com: Are you planning on coming to Portland to play for the Blazers or are you going to stay overseas?

Monia: I have one more year on my contact with Russia but would love to come over and play for the Blazers.


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