Our club’s President Andrey Vatutin and head coach Dimitris Itoudis put their signatures under new contract today…
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Dimitris Itoudis stays in CSKA for three more years
Our club’s President Andrey Vatutin and head coach Dimitris Itoudis put their signatures under new contract today.

The agreement is valid until the end of 2018-19 season.

Itoudis joined the Army Men in the summer of 2014. In his both seasons the Muscovites played in the Euroleague Final Fours, taking the title in 2016 and third place in 2015, won the VTB United League and lead in the VTB League Final series now. The team won 120 out of 135 (88.9%) official games under coach Itoudis. The Greek specialist was named the Coach of the Year by the VTB United League in 2014-15 season.

The coaching staff for the next season remains the same.

Yelena Bezdenezhnykh, Norilsk Nickel Vece President:
We completely support PBC CSKA decision to renew the contract with the head coach. We are as the owners see obvious positive improvements in the two years of Dimitris Itoudis at the helm of the team. CSKA won Euroleague this year and hopefully will win VTB League soon as well. Everyone on the Army Men staff should be credited for that. But it was Dimitris who was able to bring everyone together and lead CSKA to European title. We greet him and say: ’Welcome to the Army family for another three successful seasons!’

Andrey Vatutin, CSKA President:
When we invited Dimitris to CSKA two years ago, we had no doubts in his professional qualities. Itoudis went through excellent school, he has big experience, and now together with CSKA he got another experience of working independently on the highest level and confirmed his background by winning the Euroleague title. I was asked several times if the result of the Final Four in Berlin will be the decisive one during our talks on the new contract. Definitely, the victory was a significant factor but I should say that we made our offer before the championship game. Even without thinking about the victory, I can say that the other result is also essential for the club and our fans. The team plays spectacular game under Itoudis, the players enjoy being on the court, perfectly understand the goals set by the coaching staff and work together to reach common goals. I think we should not wish something different.

Dimitris Itoudis, CSKA head coach:
I am very happy that we continue our collaboration and we will be working together for another three years. I am proud for the club I am working in, for the people I am working with. I want to thank everybody and congratulate on the achievements we have all together – Andrey Vatutin, Natalia Furaeva, Andrey Shchepankov, team, coaching staff, medical staff, everyone from the club. Surely, I want to thank our owners and sponsors who make it happen, Mr. Sergey Ivanov who supports basketball and CSKA organization all this years. We are looking forward for new challenges. We are hungry and thirsty – me, all the club and our fans are on the same page. We are looking forward to create new generations on the team that will play on the highest level and defend club’s titles.

The President and the head coach will be available for the questions during post-game press-conference tonight.


Евгений S
04 June 00:11
Согласен полностью!
Ivan So Love CSKA
03 June 18:33
Сначала подумал, что о Николсе)))
03 June 17:25
Dimitris, CSKA - the team, coaches, staff, sponsors, fans - one big family !!!! Very well, you - part of the family. Good luck to all of us on all fronts. CSKA will always be the first !!!
03 June 17:20
Димитрис, ЦСКА - команда, тренеры, персонал, спонсоры, болельщики - одна большая семья!!!! Очень хорошо, что Вы - часть этой семьи. Удачи нам всем на всех фронтах. ЦСКА всегда будет первым!!!
03 June 14:00
D46 {03.06.2016 12:58:49}:
начало положено! )))
03 June 13:21
Супер, ждем, что и Нандо с нами контракт подпишет.
03 June 13:09
Отличная новость!!!! :)
03 June 13:03
Замечательно! УРА!!! Это прекрасно, когда внутри команды выстроен такой положительный микроклимат, это видно и ощущается в каждой игре.  Заслуга тренера несомненная. Положительных эмоций, удачи и побед нам всем!!!
03 June 12:58
Одна чашка - это хорошо. А четыре подряд еще никому не удавалось, но кто-то же должен стать первым?
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