The match is over
15 November 2008 Saturday / 12:00 MSK
Woke up in time
The game against inspirationally playing Spartak-Primorye which began half a day after 8-hour flight has become the tough challenge for CSKA. For two and a half quarters the hosts held the lead but CSKA still defended it's unbeaten status.

Spartak Primorje vs. CSKA: 73-77

Ettore Messina:

- First of all I would like to congratulate Spartak-Primorye for the great game. Our opponents showed great heart and organization. As usually they were perfectly prepared by coaches Babkov and Mikhailov. As for us vteran provided big help. And the young players were dissapointing again. That means that our rotation is limited to 6-7 players and that can lead to the problems in the future. I don't think that the reason of our not so good game lies in the tiredness - we began the game 11-0 and played good in the end. So the problem is our self-appreciation. But anyway we are happy to win and we are looking forwards towards the next game.

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