The match is over
02 January 2008 Wednesday / 20:15 MSK
CSKA started the New Year in a good mood
CSKA took revenge after the loss in Ljubljana. Marcus Goree and Andrei Vorontsevich were cleared to play. The team was down 6-13 in the first quarter but later managed to keep Olimpija shooters away from their best.

CSKA vs. Olimpija: 74-57

Ettore Messina, CSKA head coach:

- It was not easy to find our rhythm after the New Year and Christmas break. We had very bad shooting percentage in the first half. But thanks to the defense we stayed in the game and managed to raise the percentage after the break. It was a good game for Olimpija. They played without Dragic, the kid is very important for them. With the win we got into Top-16. Now we should put our effort in the group to improve our position.

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