The match is over
Istanbul, Turkey
31 October 2013 Thursday / 23:45 MSK
CSKA (pay) – LIVE;
NTV+ HD Sport – 23:40, 20:30;
NTV+ Sport Plus – 23:40;
NTV+ Basketball – 07:10, 18:05
No endgame without debut
The army men failed in the first serious test of the season. Fenerbahce-Ulker had just one bad interval in the game and defeated CSKA with huge margin.

Fenerbahce Ulker vs. CSKA: 86-60 (-26)

Ettore Messina, CSKA head coach:
My congratulations to Fenerbahce Ulker, to coach Obradovic, the players, and the fans. The played an excellent game, they destroyed us. Obviously, I feel the most responsible for this, and the only think I can tell is I will work as hard as possible trying to fix many problems that we have. We did not play intelligent, and I am the first responsible. We showed very little character, and again I am the first responsible. I will try that this does not happen again. We are not a team yet. We are completely out of sink.

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