Our team took the first position in the Euroleague Group F by beating Laboral Kutxa and turning the point difference on its side…
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Our team took the first position in the Euroleague Group F by beating Laboral Kutxa and turning the point difference on its side.

CSKA vs. Laboral Kutxa Vitoria: 90-78 (+12)

CSKA: De Colo (19 + 4 rb), Teodosic (17 + 5 rb + 6 as + 3 to), Jackson (3), Korobkov (4), Freeland (2 + 10 rb), Vorontsevich (17 + 3 rb + 4 as), Higgins (18), Kurbanov (3 + 3 rb + 3 to), Hines (7 + 4 rb)…

Laboral Kutxa: James (8 + 4 as), Causeur (11), Planinic (4), Hanga (19 + 7 rb + 4 st + 2 bs + 3 to), Bourousis (10 + 9 rb + 5 pf), Blazic (4), Tillie (7 + 6 rb + 3 to), Adams (10 + 4 as), Bertans (5)…

Dimitris Itoudis, CSKA head coach:
We started well, we were convincing and decisive. We followed our plan and dominated in the first half, offensively and defensively. We allowed Laboral Kutxa, a talented team offensively, to score just 26 points. Still, we knew that they are able to get back to the game using their creative guards, Bourousis on the block, Bertans who can spread the floor. Laboral plays consistently this season and has all our respect. We did not defend well after the break, but we used Cory’s hot hand, then Nando took his turn. You cannot describe everything by the numbers. For example, Freeland made just 1 of 6 shots, but he had 10 rebounds and contained Bourousis. Milos missed some good shots, but he found open shots and created for his teammates. On the last possession Nando, who was hot in the end, had the ball but he waited patiently for Milos to come off the flare and found him for a good shot. My congratulations to the team. It was not easy to win in a nervous game against a very good opponent, and to win with the difference needed. I would like to thank our fans also. They supported us well throughout all the game, in good and bad moments, and helped us a lot.


18 March 12:13
УрАл {18.03.2016 10:14:48}:
Ну,у меня нет объяснений таким метаморфозам) Вроде еще не брежу) Да проехали.
18 March 10:14
Oksy {18.03.2016 00:14:32}:
Вроде ничего не поправлял в стате - как импортировал, так и осталось
18 March 09:48
Такой Андрей мне очень нравится, ну, очень!
18 March 01:52
Ирка {18.03.2016 01:34:08}:
Поправили.Не было в начале,одно очко было в наличии. И -6 индекс полезности.
18 March 01:34
Oksy {18.03.2016 00:14:32}:
Оксан, так есть эта треха в статах:))
18 March 00:14
У Джека в статах треху украли((( Он точно забивал!Один стоял на дуге.
Спасибо за игру! И за победу!
17 March 22:43
Ну, и где тут Аника-воин, красно-синий, который всегда истерит?! Хоть бы спасибо команде сказал.
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