Our team arrived to Berlin to face fellow three-point shooting team…
Our team arrived to Berlin to face fellow three-point shooting team.

Pre-game breakdown

CSKA and ALBA last played each other in the autumn of 2014. CSKA has three participants left from that time – Coach Dimitris Itoudis and players Andrey Vorontsevich and Kyle Hines. Niels Giffey is the only player still on ALBA’s roster from that game.

Coach Itoudis made his EuroLeague head coaching debut with CSKA in Berlin in the opener of the 2014-15 season, guiding CSKA to 68-84 win.

Kosta Koufos (foot) stays out. Mikhail Kulagin injured his left calf during the practice on Tuesday.

The Army Men took the Aeroflot charter flight to Berlin after the practice at USH CSKA.

Pre-game quotes

Dimitris Itoudis, CSKA head coach:
Alba currently leads EuroLeague in many statistical categories. They play fast, they try to find defense unorganized, practically everyone with exception of Nnoko shoots three-pointers on the team. Most importantly, they create good shots off pick-n-rolls, isolations, transition, offensive boards. We have to play aggressive, concentrated and motivated for 40 minutes. We prepare to solve a difficult task ahead of us.

Kyle Hines, CSKA center:
Alba is a very talented and ambitious team. It’s a good opportunity to go to Berlin for the first time since 2016, memorable for many guys over here, it is an opportunity to play a really good game against tough opponent. They play hard, they play physical. In every game up to this point, they’ve been in. It will be a good test for us.

Close relations

ALBA big man Johannes Thiemann and CSKA sharpshooter Janis Strelnieks were teammates at Brose Bamberg during the 2014-15 season.

Important numbers

Will Clyburn has scored in double figures and had a double-digit PIR in nine of his last 10 games.

Mike James has made at least 1 three-point shot in eight of his last nine games.

Mike James ranks sixth this season in scoring with 18.3 points per game.

Kyle Hines ranks third all-time with 212 blocks.

Hines ranks second all-time with 516 offensive rebounds. Felipe Reyes is the all-time leader with 695.

Hines ranks sixth all-time with 865 two-pointers made.

Hines ranks eighth all-time with 1,161 rebounds. Kerem Gonlum is seventh with 1,189.

Janis Strelnieks ranks seventh all-time in free throw accuracy at 90.63%.

Janis Strelnieks needs 8 assists to reach 300 for his career.

Past matchups

Wins/losses: 7-5
1996-97 – Euroleague. Qualification Round: CSKA – ALBA: 67-69 (-2)
1996-97 – Euroleague. Qualification Round: ALBA – CSKA: 78-76 (-2)
1998-99 – Euroleague. Preliminary Round: ALBA – CSKA: 63-70 (+7)
1998-99 – Euroleague. Preliminary Round: CSKA – ALBA: 86-75 (+11)
1999-00 – Euroleague. Qualification Round: CSKA – ALBA: 71-76 (-5)
1999-00 – Euroleague. Qualification Round: ALBA – CSKA: 81-76 (-5)
2000-01 – Euroleague. Qualification Round: ALBA – CSKA: 80-77 (-3)
2000-01 – Euroleague. Qualification Round: CSKA – ALBA: 89-86 (+3)
2012-13 – Euroleague. Top 16. ALBA – CSKA: 57-75 (+18)
2012-13 – Euroleague. Top 16. CSKA – ALBA: 80-65 (+15)
2013-14 – Euroleague. Regular Season. ALBA – CSKA: 68-84 (+16)
2013-14 – Euroleague. Regular Season. CSKA – ALBA: 95-66 (+29)

Short dossier

ALBA Berlin, Germany
Founded: 1989
Colors: dark-blue, yellow
Homecourt: O2 World (16,000)
Supervisory Board: Dr. Axel Schweitzer, Dieter Hauert
CEO: Marco Baldi
Head coach: Aito Reneses
Website: www.albaberlin.de
Accomplishments: Korac Cup winner (1995); 8-time German champion (1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2008); 9-time German Cup winner (1997, 1999, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2009, 2013, 2014, 2016)


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