Moscow army team won the trophy of the traditional memorial Kondrashin-Belov Cup for a second year in a row. In the final CSKA beat Prokom Trefl Poland 64-56
CSKA won Cup second year in a row
Moscow army team won the trophy of the traditional memorial Kondrashin-Belov Cup for a second year in a row. In the final CSKA beat Prokom Trefl Poland 64-56.

CSKA – Prokom: 64-56

Dusan Ivkovic changed the starting five using during the semifinal game by putting there Alexey Savrasenko and Martin Muursepp except David Andersen and Dimos Dikoudis.

In the early beginning CSKA players could not do anything with Tomas Pacesas. The ex-player of Ural-Great scored the most part of team points in 5,5 minutes: 8-11. Dusan Ivkovic who did not like our play under the baskets asked for time-out and substituted Savrasenko to Andersen. In the pair with Muursepp he helped our team to get the advantage: 19-15. On the last seconds Nemet scored 3-pointer and cut the advantage of CSKA to 1 point.

In the second quarter army players could not do anything with the defense of Poland team. In the end of these 10 minutes Prokom could get the leadership. Till 14 second to the end Ivkovic took the time-out to explain the combination. Papaloukas get the ball under the basket and scored 2 points: 33-32.

After the big rest Dimos Dikoudis arrived on the court. Thanks him and Andersen CSKA could get the bigger advantage: 44-39. Till 4:40 to the end of the third quarter Ivkovic substituted Andersen to Muursepp. This tactic was not good because Goran Yagodnik used it for his targets. The quarter was finished by 50-43.

In last ten minutes several players of Poland Yagodnik, Nemet and Pacecas had 4 fouls already. Army team started to play more aggressive in the defense. Getting the advantage in 13 points CSKA tried to show beautiful basketball for 6500 spectators who came to see the final game. Finally army team won and gets the Cup for a second year in a row.

The head coach of CSKA Dusan Ivkovic:

First of all I would to thank all for very good organization of the tournament which was important for all participants as a preseason practice. Everybody knows that Russian basketball is growing up now. It is on the right way to return lost positions of Soviet basketball.Kondrashin and Belov were importand part of that basketball.

Two our games on this tournament were too differen. We asily won the first game with the big advantage. In the final Prokom tried to slow the temp of the game down. Despite it, we were better but we need to continue work hard. Tomorrow morning we are going to Kirisi to continue our preparation to the start of the championship.

The head coach of Prokom Trefl Eugeniusz Kijewski:

I would to thank the organizators of the tournament for their invitation. We were proud to participate in it which was holding on the highest European level. I am hope to return to Saint Petersburg again, because I liked this city. And of course I congratulates CSKA who absolutely deserved this win.

The president of CSKA Alexander Gomelsky:

I would like to thank the president of Kondrashin-Belov foundation Igor Onokov who is doing too much for this tournament all these years. Saint Petersburg keeps the memory about these two great peoples. This tournament icreasing the honor of local basketball.

CEO of CSKA Sergey Kushchenko:

I would like to share all previous congratulations. Unlikely last year this time there is new parquet on the floor, two good local teams, good organizaton. There are new spectators on the tribunes now, and it is very important not to lose them. Thanks for organizators. We are waiting for the invitation for the next year.


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