Today, at the age of 77, one of the greatest coaches in the history of world basketball, Dusan Ivkovic, has passed away...
Dusan Ivkovic passed away

Ivkovic gave CSKA three years of his career filled with the brightest games and great victories. He was the first foreign specialist to act as the head coach of the Army Team. He was also the most important part of the squad, which in the early 2000s was building a new club according to modern standards, and turned CSKA into the strongest European basketball organization. And at the next stages of professional activity, and as a retiree, the coach continued to follow the red-and-blue, to maintain warm friendly relations with many former colleagues.

Ivkovic is a member of the FIBA ​​Hall of Fame, he is named the Euroleague Legend and included in the list of the 50 greatest contributors in its history. As the head coach of the Yugoslav national team, he led the team of his country to victories at the World Championships (1990), European Championships (1989, 1991, 1995), and to the Olympic silver medal (1988). Duda's resume includes two victories in the Euroleague, wins in ULEB Cup, Saporta Cup and Korac Cup, victories in the championships and Cups of Yugoslavia, Russia, Greece and Turkey.

The Professional Basketball Club CSKA expresses sincere condolences to all the family and friends of Dusan Ivkovic.

Andrey Vatutin, President of PBC CSKA:

This is incredibly sad news for all basketball world, Dusan Ivkovic will remain in our memory as a true legend... For all of us - coaches, players, fans, managers - Dusan was a true mentor, a man who knew absolutely everything about basketball and life. He was a colleague, teacher, friend. The phrase "understands basketball" suited him perfectly: due to the huge amount of knowledge and experience, Ivkovic understood the smallest details of the game in all aspects - from the point of view of a player, coach, manager. It is impossible to overestimate his contribution to the creation of modern CSKA: having arrived in Moscow in 2002, he brought all the innovations to our activities, introduced new technologies with his incredible will and iron hand. CSKA and Ivkovic found each other, and a lot of things that Duda invented and implemented are still working successfully. Deepest condolences to the family, numerous friends, everyone who loved and respected this great man. We were all lucky to work with him, this experience is unforgettable.

Dimitris Itoudis, CSKA head coach:

This is a really emotional moment for me, it’s hard to find words. Duda had great wife Nena and two adorable sons Petar and Pavle, but I felt like his sports son. It is a great honor and privilege that I met such coach and person, and I will always remember the lessons I got from him. His friendship was priceless as much as his belief and trust in me. He was my heart and soul… Unfortunately I have no chance to meet Duda past summer, but I was with his son Pavle in Halkidiki, and we were planning to meet altogether sometime this season in Belgrade or Moscow… My condolences to Ivkovic family and everyone who knew him.


17 September 15:53
Жаль. Очень жаль. Помним.
17 September 00:38
Царство небесное. Память о нём навсегда останется в наших сердцах.
16 September 14:08
Светлая память.
16 September 14:05
R.I.P. ...
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