The match is over
18 March 2009 Wednesday / 14:00 MSK
The useful misfire
CSKA team finished first in the semifinal stage of JBL, having lost the only game to the hosts of the previous round, Khimki.

“We started the round winning easily against three outsiders, and for most of the players it wasn’t easy to find motivation, - CSKA-JBL head coach Leonid Spirin said. It served us a bad turn before the game against hosts. We defeated Khimki almost by 30 in February, but now we were able to play a good game only in the first quarter. We missed concentration, but at the same time Khimki players played focused, good, decent game. In my opinion, the loss helped us: the team looked different against Spartak Saint-Petersburg on a next day.”

CSKA Junior Results:
Mar.18: CSKA Junior vs. SibirTelecom Novosibirsk: 98-53
Mar.19: Dynamo Teplostroy Chelyabinsk vs. CSKA Junior: 25-97
Mar.20: CSK VVS Samara vs. CSKA Junior: 50-91
Mar.21: CSKA Junior vs. Khimki: 72-75
Mar.22: Spartak St.Petersburg vs. CSKA Junior: 81-99

The final stage of JBL where CSKA will compete in the same group with Ural Great, Dynamo and CSK VVS will start on April, 20. The host city is still undecided.

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