The match is over
20 April 2009 Monday / 13:00 MSD
In the final from third place
CSKA junior team finished the prematurely stage of Superleague championship in Kazan where it won in two games out of five.

“As we predicted, it was difficult to play under a load of physical work and to hope for positive results, - head coach Andrey Maltsev said. But we demonstrated pretty good basketball which surely was liked by the fans. The final round will take part in Vasilievo again and, suitably, it coincides with the games of our main team in Kazan.”

In the final round CSKA will play in the same group with Khimki, Dynamo Moscow and Lokomotiv Rostov. The other group will consist of UNICS, Ural Great, Triumph and Yenisey. After one-leg tournament two best teams from every group will play in semifinals.

Apr.20: CSKA-2 vs. Ural Great-2 Perm: 83-74
Apr.21: CSKA-2 vs. UNICS-2 Kazan: 58-66
Apr.22: Yenisey-2 Krasnoyarsk vs. CSKA-2: 70-80
Apr.24: Lokomotiv-2 Roetov vs. CSKA-2: 73-67
Apr.25: Dynamo-2 Moscow vs. CSKA-2: 87-75

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