The match is over
31 January 2009 Saturday / 17:00 MSK
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Much more than minimum
Before the game against Spartak St. Petersburg Ettore Messina assured that he will be happy to win even by 1 point. But CSKA players weren’t going to be satisfied by the modest success, winning more than convincingly.

Ettore Messina:

“It was not easy to play because Spartak is an athletic, big, running team. And take into consideration that we returned from Istanbul on 6.30 in the morning yesterday and had a practice on the same day. I am happy with the effort of my players. We were up by a good margin almost all the game. I am satisfied with the way Keyru and Kaun played. Sasha is still inexperienced, he is 24, and he is too young for a big man. Victor played good in a second straight game, he did not force any situations, defended well and scored a nice basket.”

CSKA vs. Spartak St.Petersburg: 75-53

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