The match is over
06 October 2005 Thursday / 18:00 MSD
Young team is in the 1/16 finals!
CSKA young team won the second game of the 1/32 finals of Russian Cup against LenVO and qualified to the next stage. The team would meet UNIKS second team there. The dates of the games are November, 4th in Moscow and November, 21st in Kazan. But they are still a subject to change.

LenVO - CSKA: 57-71

CSKA did not play very well for the second game in a row. On the one hand his time the young team did not make so many mistakes as yesterday but emotions were strongly missing in the game. LenVO has the first game of Russian championship in two days so the team is already focused on the event. CSKA lead the game for all 40 minutes. The gap was about 10 points mostly. Only in the last quarter LenVO managed to cut it down to 6 but it was only the reason for CSKA to pull themselves together for several minutes.

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