The match is over
05 October 2005 Wednesday / 19:00 MSD
CSKA – LenVO – 77-63
CSKA did not have a single video record of the rival’s game. LenVO had a similar problem a usual one for the start of the season. Theoretically it was LenVO advantage as they have more experienced players. Only Alexander Korchagin and Eugeny Karpeko are as young as the players of CSKA.

CSKA – LenVO: 77-63

But practically CSKA was the leader from the very start. The team acted more aggressive and self-sure. With 6.24 to go in the first quarter LenVO coach Vyacheslav Dubko was forced to call the time-out – 14-4 in CSKA favor. The guests put much more attention to defense after talking to the coach. It helped to cut down the gap to 19-12 after the first period.

CSKA managed to recover the difference, tried to out some mind in the game but for all the three quarters left made too much mistakes even in comparison with the start of the season. LenVO was not any better and that is the only reason for the host team to come up as the winners.

The second game of 1/32 series of Russian Cup would be held also in USK CSKA. The match starts tomorrow at 16.00 CET.

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