The match is over
06 February 2005 Sunday / 16:00 MSK
CSKA moved to the quarterfinal
CSKA moved to the quarterfinal of Russian Cup by beating Standart Toliatti in two games. The winner of the game CSK VVS Samara - Lokomotiv Novosibirsk will become the next opponent of the army team.

Standart - Toliatti: 68-96

Main centers of CSKA Alexey savrasenko and David Andersen did not participate this game. Also the coaching staff of the team decided to give one day rest to Antonio Granger, Marcus Brown and Jon Robert Holden. But their absent did not influence to the result.

Martin Muursepp (19 points) and Dimos Dikoudis (18 points) started the winning spurt of quests. The captain of CSKA who has shown very goodn game against Dynamo Moscow again was one of the best and scored 14 points. Sergey Monya became the best sniper with 20 points. Young Vassily Zavoruev managed 9 points, Pashutinn added - 6, Papaloukas - 5.

CSKA get the initiative in the early beginning and did not have any problems till the final buzzer. In the last quarter Dusan Ivkovic put on the parquet players of the junior team Artur Urazmanov, Anatoly Kashirov and Igor Smygin. They participated in 32th win of CSKA this season.

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