The match is over
26 January 2004 Monday / 17:00 MSK
Junior Team in the 1/8 of the final of Cup of Russia
CSKA junior team won in the road game against Dynamo Moscow Region in the 1/16 of the final of Cup of Russia. Losing 12 points, the army team players could win with the 8-points advantage. After two games our team moved to the 1/8 of the final of the Cup where they will play against Khimki.

Dynamo M.R. vs CSKA: 67-75

In the home game our junior team won 101-77. In the second game the coach staff of Dynamo decided to five some changes to the roster. The head coach and the captain of CSKA Dusan Ivkovic and Sergey Panov came to Dynamo arena to see this game. The army team won the beginning of it. In first two attacks Likhodey and Tsintsadze scored 4 points. On the 6th minute of the game Yury Volkov had to ask for time-out, but CSKA continued to grow its advantage. To the minute to the first rest Likhodey put score on 8-16.

The course of the game has changed in the middle of the second quarter. To the big rest Sergey Rybalkin by the free throw made his team a leader: 32-31.

The rest didn’t put some changed to the game of the CSKA-junior. In the beginning of the quarter Sergey Panin scored 6 points. Rybalkin and Semerninov began to score far throws. Shabalkin, Peresypkin and Tsintsadze scored 4 fouls. To the last rest the advantage of Dynamo was 10 points.

Egor Vialtsev became the hero of the last quarter, he scored 14 points in last 10 minutes. His 3-points throw has given CSKA an advantage: 64-67. In the end of the game our team didn’t lost it, it grows up to 67-75.

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