The match is over
26 November 2003 Wednesday / 18:00 MSK
CSKA Junior Team Won the First Game
In the first game of 1/64 of the Cup of Russia CSKA junior team defeat Pogranichnik Stavropol.

CSKA vs Pogranichnik: 91-59

The beginning of the game was bad for CSKA. To the end of the third minute the head coach of the team Eugeny Pashutin had to ask for time-out to correct the course of his players. With the score 9-2 to Pogranichnik Pashutin asked his team to play better in defense. But they could do it only later. Stavropol team was good in the attack and made score to 17-6. After it zone defense of CSKA began to work. In the end of the second quarter our team scored 12 points, Pogranichnik scored only 2. This moment the best player in CSKA was Alexander Fomin who added 10 points.

In the second half of the game the defense of the Stavropol team couldn’t do anything with Geogre Tsintsadze who added 12 points in 8 minutes. The result of the game was clear when CSKA was leading 75-55 before the final quarter.

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