The match is over
Badalona, Spain
07 March 2007 Wednesday / 22:45 MSK
Joventut - CSKA: 65-73
CSKA won a very hard game in Spain and qualified for the play offs of the Euroleague.

DKV Joventut – CSKA: 65-73

Ettore Messina, CSKA head coach:

- It was one of the most difficult games we played. Joventut is the team that plays aggressive defense with a lot of contact and very close to the foul. In the game of the kind it is very easy for a player to use the very first chance to shoot or to pass he has but this would not help the team to control the game. We managed to avoid the kind of reaction. We won in Badalona where many other big teams lost and now we have a chance to go to the first place in the group.

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