The match is over
28 October 2006 Saturday / 17:00 MSD
The sixth win
CSKA second team CSKA-Trinta played another game in the championship of the High league (A3). The team overscored Khimki-3: 86-69.

CSKA-Trinta - Khimki-3: 86-69

Andrei Maltsev, CSKA-Trinta head coach:

- I would like to thank my team for being focused on the game. We played well in the defense from the start and did not let Khimki leaders to feel the game, then we made them to make several important turnovers and on the offence we scored several points in the transition. I am happy with our guards: play played balanced, smart game. It was hard to play for Anatoly Kashirov. He practiced with our team only once before the game. But I hope tomorrow he would make some progress in the game.

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