The match is over
16 December 2006 Saturday / 16:10 MSK
Standart - CSKA: 61-105
CSKA won another game in Russian Superleague. This time Ettore Messina squad played at the home court of Women CSKA: MTL Arena. The game gave the coaches the chance to give more minutes on the court than usual to the young players of the team. All the second quarter the five players on the court were: Papaloukas, Ponkrashov, Pashutin, Kurbanov and Kashirov. In the final minutes played almost the same line up with some small changes.

Standart Togliatti - CSKA: 61-105

The trip to the game was in some ways harder then the match itself. The bus provided by Standart looked like a right transportation for the refugees but not for the Euroleague champions. ‘I guess there is something in the Napoli idea of taking the underground’, - mentioned Ettore Messina during 30 minutes trip to the arena.

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