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Kaunas, Lithuania
23 November 2006 Thursday / 21:45 MSK
TV Sport, LIVE
Zalgiris - CSKA: 59-78
CSKA won the 5th game of the Euroleague season. Ettore Messina squad overscored Zalgiris 78-59. The game was decided in the last quarter, in the start of it CSKA made the 9-0 run.

Zalgiris - CSKA : 59-78

Ettore Messina, CSKA head coach:

- We are happy with the win in Kaunas espesiallu because of the long history of CSKA – Zalgiris relations. After the tough start we managed to defend well and to control the tempo of the play. We did not want to compete in the speed of the play. We are not the team like that. We can defend, we can rebound, we can pass and can choose the shots in a right way. But it was very hard to insist on it in the game. After the start the players were nervous and I am happy we managed to play together in the end. We defended pick and roll better than they did and the key for the game was Savrasenko performance. He was good both in the offence and in the defence.

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