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29 January 2006 Sunday / 18:00 MSK
CSKA gained revenge against Spartak
CSKA won a game against Spartak from St.Petersburg – 79-57. After the first quarter the score was 27-10, by the half time the Army club was ahead by 20 points. By the way the club from St.Petersburg became the first team that managed to outscore CSKA this season. It happened in November.

CSKA – Spartak St.Petersburg: 79-57

Quick facts about the game:

• Trajan Langdon made 4 turnovers tonight. It's first time he made so many turnovers in single game this season

• Trajan Langdon collected his 100th rebound this season in all the official games

• David Andersen, Matjaz Smodis and David Vanterpool missed the game due to injuries

• Theodoros Papaloukas collected 11 rebounds tonight. It is his high this season in all the official games

• Theodoros Papaloukas finished 2 points and 3 assists away from triple-double (8 points+11 rebounds+7 assists)

Ettore Messina, CSKA head coach:

It was a difficult week for our team. Three days after David Andersen injury came hard for CSKA. The players saw all this pain that his teammate experienced and hey reacted in this game. I am satisfied with the game we played for the first 3 quarters. Only in the last period when all the veteran players left the court we started to make mistakes.

Would Smodis and Vanterpool be able to play against Ulker?

- They would start practicing tomorrow and I hope they would take part in a game.

Can you name the players that are in the list to replace Andersen until the rest of the season?

- Not yet. We have watched a lot of videos these days, speak to different people… We are trying to find the best possible solution in the situation.

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