The match is over
01 June 2005 Wednesday / 20:00 MSD
Tied score
CSKA tied score in the final serie by beating Dynamo Moscow in the second game. The second quarter became the key moment of the game. Army team won it with double advantage: 28-14.

CSKA - Dynamo Moscow: 95-83

The head coach of CSKA Dusan Ivkovic:

Today both good teams have shown very good basketball of high European quality. I think that CSKA deserved tis victory because we played much better then yesterday. We won all quarters exept the first one when Dynamo scored 28 points. The key reason of our win was that we could improve our defence 1 to 1, we could stop their guards. Today Greer scored only 4 points, Domani did not score any points. Now we have several days to prepare to next two games.

The head coach of Dynamo Valery Tikhonenko:

As we expected today game was much different then yesterday. We lose second quarter and could not stop Panov. Today we played bad in the offense, and we lose boards. Turkcan did not play in full forces, he made only 4 rebounds, that is too few for him. I am satisfied that my team did not give up and played until the final buzzer. The series will continue in sport hall Dynamo, and fans will see one game more then they expected.

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