The match is over
16 February 2005 Wednesday / 20:00 MSK
35th win a row!
Although UNICS tried hard to stop CSKA winning serie in the same place where the Army club lost for the last time, it did not happened. After a tough fight in the first 3 quarters the guests beat the club from Kazan.

UNICS - CSKA: 87-105

As well as in the last 2 games UNICS could not stop Marcus Brown. Four different players tried to guard him, but the American scored total 28 points. All but one of them in the first 3 quarters. Second best scorer was David Andersen who finished with double double – 18 points and 12 rebounds. Dimos Dikoudis, Martin Muursepp and J.R.Holden scored 11 points each.

The key moment of the game was a 12-3 CSKA serie in the last two minutes of the 3rd quarter. CSKA set the score on the 79-68 mark. After that CSKA fully controlled the game and all UNICS attemps to reach the rival finished with 2 minutes to go in the game.

CSKA head coach Dusan Ivkovic:

- The 2nd quarter of the game came hard to us. Our defence in this period was rather poor. Chris Anstey scoed 17 points in just 11 minutes! In the half time we made some corrections and that worked out.
For 35 minutes UNICS did its maximum and I think that the final gap in the score does not express the real difference between the two teams. I respect the team from Kazan a lot. They have Yudin and Avleev back and they just need more time to make their game more balanced.
From my point of view we need the games like this to stay in a good shape.

UNICS head coach Stanislav Eremin:

- We struggled hard against CSKA for 37 minutes. And if we would receive a better and smarter game from some of our players we would get a chance to win. I think that the end of the game spoiled a great performance that lasted for all the other time. We could not stop Marcus Brown as well as we did not last year. Williams, Toporov, Miloserdov and Samoilenko tried to defend against the guard but nevertheless he scored 28 points. And also we lost the battle under the boards. And these are the reasons for CSKA win.

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