Lokomotiv Rostov
The match is over
16 January 2005 Sunday / 18:00 MSK
CSKA continues to win
CSKA won first game of the Russian Superleague in 2005 by beating Lokomotiv Rostov on the road. Zakhar Pashutin and Sergey Monya have shown brilliant game in the second half and did not give hosts any chances.

Lokomotiv Rostov - CSKA: 65-95

The head coach of CSKA Dusan Ivkovic:

- Today we hold good game and controlled it all 40 minutes. We have shown good discipline. All 11 players could move on the parquet and noone left it without points. Dimos Dikoudis who get an illness a day before did not participate in the game. Today we returns to Moscow to continue our prepareations to the game against Ulker Turkey.

The head coach of Lokomotiv Gennady Samarsky:

- Of course, I am not satisfy with the final difference in the score. But we kney that we have to play against very tough opponent. We cant play on equal against CSKA who has very good and long bench. Army players could stop Stivenson who did not show his best game. Also Igor Kudelin was not in the good shape. He was ill last week and returned to practices only yeasterday evening. Despite on our lose our targets are the same: 7th place.

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