The match is over
25 April 2014 Friday / 20:00 MSK
Aleksandr Gomelskiy Universal Sport Hall CSKA
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Kaun dominates, the win is ours!
By showing great character our team pouted Panathinaikos in style in the deciding game of the series and won the tickets to Milan.

CSKA vs. Panathinaikos (Athens): 74-44 (+30)

CSKA: Teodosic (7), Micov (8), Fridzon (9), Jackson (9 + 4 rb), Krstic (5 + 2 bs), Weems (5 + 3 rb + 5 as), Vorontsevich (3 + 4 rb), Kaun (18 + 9 rb + 2 bs), Khryapa (10 + 6 rb + 5 as + 3 bs), Hines (4 rb)…

Panathinaikos: Bramos (5), Curry (2), Fotsis (3), Ukic (2), Lasme (8 + 3 rb), Mavrokefalidis (8 + 6 rb + 3 to), Diamantidis (4 as), Gist (11 + 3 rb), Maciulis (2 + 3 rb + 4 pf), Wright (3 + 3 to)…

Ettore Messina, CSKA head coach:
It was a great win obviously. First, I’d like to say that it was a great series against a great opponent. This rookie coach did everything to make our life difficult these two weeks. Second, I’d like to thank the players. We are having a difficult season. We never had a breath of easy life, we played all the most difficult opponents with the exception of Olympiacos. And today the players showed patience, played great defense, they chose all the options needed on offense, made the right decisions. Third, I’d like to thank the club and especially our president, Andrey Vatutin. He was close to us all this week, he showed his support and found all the right words for everyone. Fourth, a big, big thanks to all our fans. I remember that in difficult times, when we played Games 3 against Maccabi and Olympiacos in the past, they showed the same support. We are happy to have them behind our backs at these difficult moments. And I know they will be felt in Milan. Fifth, some words about my staff. I am very fortunate to have this fantastic staff around me here. This is one of big factors which makes me feel happy here at CSKA. Hopefully we will be able to do good job at the Final Four. Finally, I’d like to say that to get to the Final Four is a big deal this season. There were many more teams than usual who deserve to be in the Final Four this year. Many more than in any other edition of the Euroleague in past years. And one more thing. It was great to have Teo back today. He provided big help to us. Hopefully we will be able to stay healthy before coming to Milan.

Fragiskos Alvertis, Panathinaikos head coach:
Congratulations to CSKA. Unfortunately this time we weren’t able to get into the game. After great effort by the team in Athens tonight from minute one we felt empty. We came here 2-2, but we did not play the way we could. Except for Game 2 and Game 5 the players gave everything they could. Now our European season is finished and we have to concentrate on Greek League.

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