CSKA is going to Barcelona!

Marcus Brown (photo G.Philippov)

URL: http://www.cskabasket.com/photo/?id=451&one=7&lang=en
Before the game (photo G.Philippov)
Songaila vs Kambala (photo G.Philippov)
CSKA fans (photo G.Philippov)
Antonio Granger (photo G.Philippov)
Sergey Monya (photo G.Philippov)
J.R.Holden vs Kaspars Kambala (photo G.Philippov)
Marcus Brown (photo G.Philippov)
Red Foxes (G.Philippov)
Alexander vs Kambala (photo G.Philippov)
Aleksander and Vladimir Gomelskiy (photo G.Philippov)
J.R. Holden (photo G.Philippov)
Marcus Brown (photo G.Philippov)
Sergey Panov (photo G.Philippov)
Victory! (photo G.Philippov)