Offensive victory

Victor Khryapa: 20 points and 8 rebouns (photo M.Serbin)
After the tough defensive game against Croatian Cibona the game vs Khimki has go on by another scenario. The army team did not play good in defense but has shown very good play in offense. Both teams scored more then 200 points:

Khimki vs CSKA: 104-114

The game against Moscow region team was the last opportunity for CSKA to check their forces before the important road game vs. Tau Keramica in Euroleague. By the coach staff decision Sergey Monya was absent in the technical roster for this game.

The starting spurt by Brown and Alexander has given CSKA advantage of 7- points to the 3rd minute of the game: 1-8. But unlikely offense the army team could not show so good play in defense. They missed 5 points in row by captain of Khimki Alexey Vadeev. When Alexander received unsportive foul in the fighting with Ershov the score was already 8-10.

Khimki could catch CSKA only in the second quarter when Byelorussian player of Sergey Elevic team Arseniy Kuchinsky scored first 3-pointer: 30- 30. But then the main center of Khimki Mikhail Soloviev received four personal fouls because of the good game Dragan Tarlac against him. In absence of Petrenko and Zorin Sergey Elevic team could not do something in the 3-second zone.

And CSKA became to come off again. Good result spurt of Marcus Brown put advantage to 12 points. After two more attacks Anton Yudin realized two free throws and made biggest advantage of their team this game: 50-36.

After the big rest Dusan Ivkovic put Russian five to the parquet: Holden, Yudin, Khryapa, Panov and Srasenko. But soon because of Sergey Krasnikov who scored 16 points in this quarter the coach staff of CSKA decided to made several substitutions. In the middle of the quarter Ivkovic returned the starting five. This moment the score was 76-78 already. Khryapa and Holden realized two 3-poinetrs in a row: 78-84.

Only in the beginning of the last quarter CSKA let Khimki to made advantage little: 81-84. Then the army team did not give them any more chances to catch them. To 5 minutes to the final buzzer Viktor Khryapa scored 100th point: 90-100. In the end of the quarter Khimki scored 100 points too. Sergey Elevic team became the first team who could score more then 100 points to CSKA basket this season. Marcus Brown scored last points from the free thrown line: 104-114.

The head coach of CSKA Dusan Ivkovic:

- Today both teams has shown good offensive basketball and scored more then 200 points. It is for the first time CSKA with me as a coach let the opponent to score more then 100 points to its basket. Me personally I don’t like it, because it is not style of CSKA. I think that we scored so many easy points or the last time. We need to react now, we need to show more balanced game with more defense. Tomorrow we will continue our preparation to the game in Spain against Tau Ceramica.

The head coach of Khimki Sergey Elevic:

- Today we had big problems with the squad. Petrenko, Savkov and Zorin did not play today. I was not sure that today we can show good play in offense, but team could do it thank dome practices. If we play better in the defense, the score could be another one.

Marcus Brown (photo M.Serbin)
Mirsad Turkcan (photo M.Serbin)
Holden vs Karasev (photo M.Serbin)
Marcus Brown (photo M.Serbin)
Khryapa vs Kuchinskiy (photo M.Serbin)
Sergey Krasnikov (photo M.Serbin)
(photo M.Serbin)
Theodoros Papaloukas (photo M.Serbin)
Sergey Elevich (photo M.Serbin)