Second place. That’s a victory for now

Viktor Khryapa (photo T. Makeeva,
The task to secure the second place in the PBL regular championship was confidently reached. Krasnye Krylia were defeated and army men will have to play the same team in playoffs on Monday.

CSKA vs. Krasnye Krylia Samara: 86-65 (+21)

Jonas Kazlauskas, CSKA head coach:
For the most time we did what we planned to do. You should not expect us to build our advantage to grow permanently every game, because the level of the league is very high. At the same time I am satisfied with two games we played recently. The team improved, it showed the aggression, players from the bench added some good energy. We ended the regular championship on the second place in it calls for dual feelings. We could have win more games and fight for the first place in my CSKA period. But you should remember how many problems the team had. If it had no problems I would not be here. Now we have to meet Samara once again. When you used to play the same team, everything can happen, and I think the opponents did not show their best basketball tonight. I hope that our best players will show their best game in the playoffs and that will give us an advantage.

Viktor Khryapa (photo T. Makeeva,
Aleksandr Kaun (photo M. Serbin,
Sani Becirovic (photo Y. Kuzmin,
Aleksey Shved (photo M. Serbin,
Andrey Vorontsevich (photo T. Makeeva,
Sergey Bykov (photo Y. Kuzmin,
Trajan Langdon (photo M. Serbin,
Jon Robert Holden (photo Y. Kuzmin,
Matjaz Smodis (photo M. Serbin,
Dmitry Sokolov (photo Y. Kuzmin,
Artyom Zabelin (photo T. Makeeva,
Jonas Kazlauskas (photo M. Serbin,
Vyacheslav Poltavtsev, Andrey Vatutin, Maria Lopatova and Andrey Kirilenko (photo M. Serbin,
CSKA dance team (photo M. Serbin,
Viktor Khryapa (photo T. Makeeva,
Sani Becirovic (photo M. Serbin,
Aleksandr Kaun (photo T. Makeeva,
Artyom Zabelin (photo M. Serbin,