Holiday debut of Likhodey and Tsintsadze

Kryapa vs Savchenko (photo M.Serbin)
Before the second game of TOP16 of Euroleague the coach staff of CSKA has given rest to four players of the main squad: Holden, Yudin, Panov and Tukcan. Young George Tsintsadze and Valery Likhodey substituted them to have a chance to play in the first official game for CSKA. Thousand and a half of fans who came today became spectators of very enthralling site.

CSKA – Spartak St.Petersburg: 115-62

Starting five of the army team: Papaloukas, Brown, Monya, Bashminov and Alexander from the fist minutes gave to understand who is the host of the court today.
Triplet of far throws by Monya and Brown gave CSKA advantage: 13-4. Neither time-out, neither substitutions of the head coach of Spartak could change the course of the game. CSKA players have shown very good result in the first quarter: 67% in the field. The firs quarter finished by 30-11.

CSKA decreased the turnover with the young George Tsintsadze arriving. First he could not find his game in the company with experience players. Ivkovic had to take time-out to correct the play of his team. Far throw of Dragan Tarlac in the end of the second quarter set score to 55-27.

Hosts reach big advantage but did not stop to play. Spartak could not stop army machine. In the middle of the third quarter Egor Vialtsev made fast break and made effect dunk being back to the basket. In the last quarter Tsintsadze was the author of the really firework of solo breaks and goal assists. Other players did not forgot young Valery Likhodey by give him two god assists to score. In the middle of the fourth quarter Monya made dunk: 101-52. Egor Vialtsev by the free throw set the finishing score: 115-62.

Sergey Monya (photo M.Serbin)
Bashminov vs Antropov
Marcus Brown (photo
Georgiy Tsintsadze (photo
Alexey Savrasenko (photo
Dragan Tarlac (photo M.Serbin)
Kryapa vs Savchenko (photo M.Serbin)
Valeriy Likhodey (photo
Victor Khryapa (photo
CSKA Dance Team (photo