Panagiotis Liadelis: I miss Russian basketball

Panagiotis Liadelis (photo
Today Olympiacos delegation came to Moscow. After the accommodation in the hotel and the rest Greece team went to USH CSKA for 2-hour practice. They came to the fist game of TOP16 of Euroleague without center Konstantinos Harissis. 12 players came to our capital, so their roster will be full tomorrow.

While Greece players wee gathering in the foyer Panagiotis Liadelis agreed to answer several questions for our site.

This season Liadelis became the leader of the team. He knows Russian basketball very good, because he played in Ural-Great and became the champion of the national championship that season. Liadelis said that he was glad to hear that his team will play against CSKA. To return to the capital of Russia is a big holiday for him. But, as player said, he have to play against the favorite of the Euroleague tomorrow:

- I am playing for the win in every game. Tomorrow I will do my best for it. I was keep an eye on CSKA games this season and I know that it is practically impossible goal to win here, in Moscow. I think that loses in the games against Maccabi and Fortitudo are fortuities.

Do Olympiacos have the goal to move to TOP16?

- Of course. But I understand that it is too important. But I Think that Olympiacos can beat any team except CSKA. We already defeat TAU this season. We can fight against Cibona. So, tomorrow game will be very important for us. All team is very upset about our lose in the final of Cup of Russia. I hope that tomorrow we will give the fight tomorrow.

Did you have time to talk with your countryman Theodoros Papaloukas?

- Yes, we have time to give several words to each other. I heard that he is doing well. I’m very glad to hear it.

Do you know that you will play against the team of Sergey Kushchenko who was the CEO of Ural Great?

- Yes, I heard. There are many talking that the real basketball infrastructure is creating in Moscow. For the first time I was shocked of the pre-game show in Perm. I want to see it tomorrow. I`m sure that it will be professional and wonderful.

Would you like to return to Russia? Even if it will be only a walk.

- Oh, yes! I really fall in love with your country. I never saw fans like in Perm. I have many friends there. Most of all I sympathized to Ruslan Avleev and Sergey Panov. The massager of the team was my good friend. I know that now he works in Yekaterinburg. It is a pity, that I can’t meet him.

Do you communicate to Russian legionnaires in Greece: Fedor Likholitov and Nikita Morgunov?

- Personally no, but I know that they are doing well. And the games against Aris and Makedonikos are always tough. And I want to repeat that the basketball is growing up in Russia now. But tomorrow we will try to beat CSKA.