CSKA won in Krasnoyarsk

Alexander Bashminov (photo cskabasket.com)
Several thousands spectators has come to the arena in Krasnoyarsk to the game between Yenisey and CSKA. They come not only to support their team, but to see famous players of Moscow team. Local fans wee buying souvenir production of the army club. The group of army fans came from Norilsk.

Yenisey Krasnoyarsk vs. CSKA: 62-115 (+53)

After the game against Lokomotiv Novosibirsk Marcus Brown, Victor Alexander and Egor Vialtsev have return to Moscow. That’s why starting five of our team was not ordinary: Holden, Yudin, Monya, Turkcan and Bashminov. The center of our team scored first points after the miss of Anton Yudin. By the score 2-10 the head coach of Yenisey had to take time-out. But neither time-outs, neither substitution of hosts could change the course of the game. Before the big rest the advantage of CSKA was not far to 30 points: 34-62.

Like in the tomorrow game against Lokomotiv Alexey Savrasenko has entered to the game successfully. In the third quarter he was good under boards and scored 15 points like the best sniper of the first half Mirsad Turkcan. Dusan Ivkovic changed the scheme of the game – we played with two centers. Our two big guys scored 23 points. When it was «+40» on the score-board, the head coach of CSKA set down and was calm watching the game.

The last quarter was formal. CSKA players scored good shots and used home combinations. To the 6,5 minutes to the final buzzer Alexander Bashminov scored 100th point by the far throw: 51-102. In last minutes the army team has lead this game to the logical win. The second game of the 1/8 of the Cup of Russia will take place in Moscow on February, 28.