CSKA has begun Siberian tourney from the win

Mirsad Turkcan (photo cskabasket.com)
To an hour to the beginning of the game spectators has fill tribunes of the small arena in Novosibirsk which hold only 2000 seats. Of course, it was not enough for all who wanted to come to this game. More than 150 fans had to watch the game upright or sitting on the staircase. 7 Army fans came to the capital of Siberia to support their favorite team.

Lokomotiv Novosibirsk vs CSKA: 67-98

It was easy to guess the result of the game. Hosts became leaders only one time – in the beginning of the game when American player of Lokomotiv Adrian Otri scored first points. Than it was 6-points spurt of Alexander and Turkcan. But Lokomotiv did not want to capitulate between army machine. When the score was 11-15, Ivkovic took time-out, but did not change the squad. The first substitution was after Khryapa`s turnover – Monya entered the game. Mirsad Turkcan scored 15 points in the first quarter, but the advantage of our team was minimal: 27-25.

Army team gets spilled only to the big rest Sergey Monya made two dunks in the raw, Alexey Savrasenko entered to the game in the good shape. He was the best sniper of CSKA in the third quarter; he scored 8 points in first 5 minutes. By the score 46-53 our center scored 2 points, made block-shot, steal and goal assist to Sergey Panov. After the throw of our captain Papaloukas steal ball from Otri and scored 2 points in the fast break: 46-59. Sergey Babkov took time-out but could no change the course of the game. To 1:10 to the last rest Lokomotiv bench became shorter: Alexander Chernov finished the game because of the injury. Andrey Penkin who has substituted him had 4 fouls already.

Last 10 minutes were formal. Penkin and Grezin made 5 fouls in the middle of the quarter and finished the game. By the score 63-84 Egor Vialtasev has substituted Marcus Brown. He has shown 100% result of the field points and made only 1 miss in 4 free throws. This miss and Monya`s miss did not let CSKA to score 100 points: 67-98.