Waiting Maccabi

Theodoros Papaloukas (photo M.Serbin)
The game betwwen the leader and the outsider of Superleague has finished without any sensations. Dusan Ivkovic team has catch the win by defeating EURAS Yekaterinburg without any problems:

CSKA vs EURAS: 110-64

Not like in the road game against EURAS in Moscow army team could not catch a leadership in the beginning of the game. This time the coach staff of CSKA decided to do not put to the start roster American players Brown and Alexander. The starting five was unusual: Papaloukas, Yudin, Monia, Turkcan and Savrasenko. EURAS became a leader after the first attack of Kshnyakin and continued to leading in the first five minutes. In the middle of the first quarter Monya put score on 9-9 and then Turkcan put his team to the leading: 11-9. In the first half of the game EURAS tried to defense against Ivkovic team, that’s why it finished by 56-41.

Both coaches had something to say to their teams in the locker rooms. After the rest CSKA began to play better in the attack and in the defense. EURAS was not ready for it. After the third quarter army team could grow advantage to 79-53. In the beginning of the last ten minutes Vialtsev moved into the game. 2,5 minutes to the final buzzer Papaloukas scored 100th point. Then he scored 3-poiner and became the best sniper of the game, he scored 20 points. Greece playmaker finished the game by dunk in the last seconds: 110-64.

The head coach of CSKA Dusan Ivkovic:

I know about problems of EURAS Yekaterinburg. Their roster changed too much times during the season. But before the important game against Maccabi in the Euroleague we had to play one more tough and controlled game. This reason it is difficult to analyze this game. I think that my team showed one team basketball today. Tomorrow we are going to prepare to the game against Maccabi.

The head coach of EURAS Alexander Zriadchikov:

- Our tasks in this game were to prepare the team to the next games and to try our game schemes. Our team is continuing to building. The big half of our roster just came to Yekaterinburg. We wanted to play good in the defense and to don’t give to score many point from 3-seconds zone. We could catch in the first half but not in the second. After very difficult game in Euroleague they played by not full squad: without Brown and Alxander. But never mind, now we are not ready to fight with this team.

Mirsad Turkcan (photo M.Serbin)
Sergey Monya (photo M.Serbin)
Dragan Tarlac (photo M.Serbin)
Victor Khryapa (photo M.Serbin)
J.R.Holden (photo G.Phillippov)
Keyru vs Holden (photo G.Philippov)
Egor Vyaltsev (photo M.Serbin)
Theodoros Papaloukas (photo M.Serbin)
(photo M.Serbin)