On the edge of the overtime

Marcus Brown (photo cskabasket.com)
The second game between CSKA and UNICS took place in the Basket hall in Kazan. It was ended by the Kazan club win. But Stanislav Eremin team could win only 3 points, not necessary 9:

UNICS Kazan – CSKA: 84-81

UNICS wanted to win this game very much and they have shown it clearly from the beginning. Only 3 minutes teams played on the similar way: 7-7. After it UNICS began to take advantage. In next 6 minutes they scored too many 3-pointers: 3 by Kubrakov and 2 by Stombergas. To 1,5 minutes to the end of the first quarter Samoilenko added 3 points: 29-14. Just in the end of the quarter Turkcan who has fight under the boards cut the lead to 31-19.

After the rest Ivkovic has substitute Alexander to Tarlac. After two minutes the main CSKA sniper Marcus Brown scored first points. In the middle of the quarter Papaloukas entered the game. The army team has begun its spurt. In 4 minutes CSKA scored 17 points while UNICS scored only 5. Two times in this 10 minutes Eremin had to take time-out. To 3 minutes to the big rest Marcus Brown made the advantage minimal: 44-43. After two minutes he made his team a leader: 46-47. But in the last attack Greer scored 3-pointer, and UNICS went to the big rest as a leader.

First 3,5 minutes of the third quarter both teams could not score any points till Marcus Brown scored 2: 49-49. To 2 minutes to the last rest CSKA was leading 58-59, but then the army team made 4 turnovers. Ivkovic took time-out, but after it UNICS scored 8 points while CSKA scored 0.

To 3,5 minutes to the final buzzer 3-pointer of Kubrakov put score on 80-72, but after it CSKA defense was very good. To 14 second to the end of the game Samoilenko scored 2 free throws and put score on 84-81. Brown tried to force the game to the overtime, but his far shot did not succeed. Greer made last rebound, and UNICS was celebrate the win.

The head coach of CSKA Dusan Ivkovic:

- It was of the best games in the Russian Superleague. It was second very tough game after the game against Panathinaikos in the Euroleague. Very tough game, point to point. There are many details we need to look at. My team was not ready in the beginning of the game. It was bad control of the game, bad defense, bad transition. That why UNICS had psychological advantage.

The head coach of UNICS Stanislav Eremin:

- Last several days we used to the preparing for this important game. Some moment my players have done what we want, sometimes no. Before the game I said to my players next things. I said that they must be true man in all situations. They must fight all 40 minutes, they must not be scare of the opponent. And they have done it. In the first quarter we were good in the defense against Marcus Brown who did not score any point this 10 minutes. I am not satisfied about last quarter. I want to thank Samoilenko who scored important free throws. We saved our tradition to don not lose in our hall.