The tough win in derby

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After the game in Siena the starting five of CSKA changed just a little: Savrasenko was substituted by Alexander. The beginning of the game Dynamo moved to the leader. Mrsic scored 6 points, and put score on 6-0. Alexander answered by 5 points: 6-5. But after it some problems in CSKA defense have founded. Holden couldnt do anything against Mrsic, Turkcan was not in the good shape today. To the 6th minute Dynamo was leading by 10 points. Holden and Brown tried to change the situation individually but they couldnt.

Dynamo Moscow CSKA: 84-91

After the rest Panov changed Turkcan who didnt return to the parquet more. Turkey forward couldnt score any points in 10 minutes. The head coach of Dynamo has given his leaders to rest and Milislavelic and Oliver who came to the team only 1 day ago moved to the game. In the middle of the quarter Ivkovic asked his players to wake up. Till 2:45 to the big rest Dynamo was leading by 13 points after 3-point throw by Domany. But then the course of the game has changed. Holden was wonderful this moment. Thank him the score moved to 49-47.

It was looking that now the army team has found their game, but they couldnt changed the score. Zvi Sherf has found right words to his team in the locker room. Bashminov was changed by Panov, but in 4 minutes he received only 2 fouls and has return to the bench. Ivkovic continued to change the roster: Holden to Papaloukas and Tarlac to Alexander. In the middle of the quarter Brown moved the score to 59-58. But this moment Andrey Fetisov moved to the game. He and Ikonomou didnt give CSKA to became the leader. The quarter has finished by 71-65.

The course of the game has changed in the last quarter. The defense of CSKA hanged to zone. Dynamo couldnt do anything with army team guards. Panov put score on 71-71, and in 40 seconds Papaloukas made his team the leader. In next 5,5 minutes Dynamo couldnt score any points. CSKA played good, they were well in the defense and won the game by 84-91.

The head coach of CSKA Dusan Ivkovic:

It was very tough game but my team deserved this win. The game was divided into two parts. In the first half Dynamo was very good in the defense. Damir Mrsic was the best this minutes. In the second quarter we tried to change the course of the game. Last ten minutes were the key when we used zone defense. We deserved this win but I want to say thank to Dynamo. It is good experience team with good players. Today they have shown good basketball. We need to continue our practices. Tomorrow we will start to prepare to the game against Unicaja in the Euroleague.

The head coach of Dynamo Moscow Zvi Sherf:

It was the game of the very high level. In the locker room I said to my team they played very good. We were very good in the three quarters but not in the last. Today I wanted to win very much. My played well against the one of the best teams in Europe. We couldnt do anything against their zone defense in the last quarter. Now we have to prepare to the game against Marussi in the Euroleague FIBA.
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