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Viktor Khryapa (photo M. Serbin,
Our team passed through Russian league playoffs without single loss, not allowing intrigue to show up even in the final series. For the third time in a row Khimki was defeated with big margin – with injured CSKA captain watching the game from the stands.

Khimki Moscow Region vs. CSKA: 60-76

Evgeny Pashutin, CSKA head coach:

“We are the champions! My congratulations to all the players, Andrey Vatutin and all the management, to my assistants Dima and Ivan! We did a great job and finished our season successfully. Surely, we were a bit nervous before the game because we lost Victor Khryapa. We are not used to play without him, he is one of our leaders, clutch, backbone player. But Andrey Vorontsevich and Nikita Kurbanov looked worthily on his position and helped us to win.”
Ramunas Siskauskas (photo M. Serbin,
Zoran Planinic (photo M. Serbin,
Eugeny Pashutin (photo T. Makeeva,
Nikita Kurbanov (photo M. Serbin,
Jon Robert Holden (photo T. Makeeva,
CSKA fans (photo T. Makeeva,
CSKA Champion! (photo T. Makeeva,
Zoran Planinic (photo T. Makeeva,
Viktor Khryapa (photo M. Serbin,
Ramunas Siskauskas (photo T. Makeeva,
Anton Ponkrashov, Dmitry Sokolov and Victor Keyru (photo M. Serbin,
Andrey Vatutin, Viktor Khryapa and Eugeny Pashutin  (photo T. Makeeva,
Victor Keyru (photo M. Serbin,
Andrey Vatutin (photo Y. Kuzmin,
Asker Bartcho (photo Y. Kuzmin,
Ivan Jeremic, Yury Yurkov, Dmitriy Shakulin and Eugeny Pashutin (photo T. Makeeva,
Ramunas Siskauskas and son (photo T. Makeeva,
Dmitry Sokolov (photo Y. Kuzmin,
CSKA fans (photo T. Makeeva,
CSKA (photo M. Serbin,
Viktor Khryapa (photo Y. Kuzmin,
Alexander Kaun dunks the ball (photo T. Makeeva,
Trajan Langdon (photo M. Serbin,
Roman Smetanin and Nikita Kurbanov (photo M. Serbin,
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Final (3). Khimki vs. CSKA: Highlights