CSKA Won In The Last Game Of The Year

Sergey Panov (photo ural-great.ru)
The confrontation between CSKA and Ural-Great has left only basketball frameworks a long time ago. The pregame show always was a visit card for the Perm club. In the game against Moscow Army team hosts tried to show their best. There were the dance of cheerleaders by the famous song Show must go on, videos and the perfomance of the local rock group Zone with the cult song Ural-Great is the champion. It became very good aperitif for the main show. Over seven thousands spectators forgotting about pre-New Year shopping came to see the main basketbal action of the end of the year.

Ural-Great Perm vs CSKA: 72-85

Output of Sergey Panov in the starting five of CSKA was the good decision of the coach staff. While Victor Alexander was rested against an impassable wall of zone defense of the Perm club, the captain of CSKA easily found the necessary openings in defense of the contender. His 8 points, 2 points of Brown and two three throws of Alexander put score to 5-12. Time-out of Sergey Belov and substitutions in the front line could stop the further growth of the advantage of the score. The offense of Ural-Great started to score points. To 2 minutes to the first rest Viktor Khryapa has landed not succesfully after the throw. He finished the game on the bench with the ice compress on his leg.

The jerk, so hotly expected by the Perm fans of Ural-Great has taken place in the beginning of the second quarter. The distant throw of Abdul Rauf has put the score on 12-15. In 1,5 minutes it became to 16-17 thanks Ruslan Avleev. But then Perm team failed to use this chance. The long attack of Ruslan Avleev finished by Monya`s steal. Vaikulis scored the foul on him. Sergey has realized one free throw, then Brown has grow advantage of CSKA to 4 points. To 4 minutes till the big rest Monya and Turkcan changed score to 20-29. After the time-out of Ural-Great it changed to 28-32.

Dusan Ivkovic used 15 minutes to return to the team the concentration which he often speaks about on the press-conference. Knowing Sergey Belov`s character it is possible to assume what he said his team in the locker-room. In first three minutes of this quarter they couldnt do anything with the offense of CSKA. Thanks distance throws and fast breaks the advantage changed into nominal to comfort. To the 6th minute our team was winning: 55-42. ThePerm club answered with two 3-poins throws by Lavrinovic and Daineko. Then the captain of Ural-Great Sergey Chikalkin moved to the game. Till several seconds to the end of the quarter after his far throw seven thousands spectators has meet it with the incredible applauds. But thelast word stayed after the Army team. Theodoros Papaloukas added 3 points and has put score on 52-64.

As basketball experience shows, 12 points is not an advantage which cannot be won back in ten minutes. Lavrinovic-Daineko duet could solve this problem. They added 17 points in the fourth quarter, but it wasnt enough. Sergey Panov didnt want to left Perm with the loss. After wonderful first quarter he has given out more productive the fourth. To three minutes till the final buzzer the score was 65-82 and the result of the game was clearly seeing. To this moment Panov scored 24 points. Ural-Great tried to struggle for the each ball but they has loss at home in the first time in this season. CSKA has taken away from Perm the 13 win in Superleague and put score on meetings against Ural-Great to 14-14.