An Ordinary Victory Before The Tough Series

Alexey Savrasenko (photo M.Serbin)
The game against CSK Samara didnt become a serious test for the Moscow Army team. CSKA have turned the result of the game after the second quarter winning with 31-10. After it coach staff could use all players.

CSKA vs CSK Samara: 91-58

The appearance of Egor Vialtsev in the game was quite expected. A little bit unusual was to see Mirsad Turkcan outside of the roster. Turkey forward has given his place in the starting five to Sergey Panov.

The head coach of Samara team Oleg Kim tried to find happiness in the zone defense. They could open the score but the young forward Pavel Ulianko who have deceived our team defense was mistaken in the final phase of a throw. The center of CSKA Victor Alexander scored first points only in the middle of the quarter. Despite of obvious advantage in a class Dusan Ivkovic team couldnt make big leading till the 8th minute. Only in the end of the first quarter the Army team machine has typed a full speed. Teams went to the first rest with the score: 22-13.

In the next 10 minutes CSKA advantage became overwhelming. By the score 34-18 Ivkovic has moved our squad into quite Russian: Holden, Yudin, Monya, Khryapa and Savrasenko. This roster has completed routed of Samara team. In the 6 minutes they could score only 5 points. Alexey Savrasenko was good this moment. To the big rest he conceded on productive only Holden.

Having achieved advantage in 30 points CSKA put his speed easier. In the end Dusan Ivkovic let all our players to finish the game with nonzero statistic. The spectators were very glad to see Egor Vialtsev appearance. The last quarter was the most nonproductive, but it hasnt prevented our team to catch the 12th win in row in the Russian Superleague.

The head coach of CSKA Dusan Ivkovic:
- After the big game in Tel-Aviv it was not time for celebrations. I think that all players, all staff tried to be serious. Our decision was to put our game to one better control and one higher rhythm. I think that we did it. I like the team of Samara, whose coach prepared them very well. They run very much, they play in very much contact. It was one control game. Turkcan didnt play today. He is not really injured, he just have some back problems after the game against Maccabi. Egor Vialtsev was a long time out the team. It was opportunity to turn him back and to test some options like 3,4 positions with Monya and Khryapa on it. From tomorrow we continue to prepare to the game against Zalgiris Kaunas. We want to finish this year by major note. It would be very important and serious game. After it we have a game on the road against Ural Great in Perm. So, we continue our preparations.

The head coach of CSK Samara Oleg Kim has refused from post-game comments. He only said: You saw everything your self.

Hryapa vs Toporov (photo M.Sebin)
Holden vs Sharko (photo M.Serbin)
Sergey Monya (photo M.Serbin)
Victor Alexander (photo M.Serbin)
Theodoros Papaloukas (photo M.Serbin)