Stanislav Eremin: It Is The Ordinary Game For Us

Stanislav Eremin (photo
The head coach of UNICS Kazan Stanislav Eremin took to Moscow 11 players. There are guards Alexander Miloserdov, Valentin Kubrakov, Petr Samoilenko, Saulius Stombergas, Lamarr Greer, Viktor Keirou, forwards Nikolay Khryapa, Martin Muursepp, centers Chris Anstey, Eurelijus Zukauskas and Taras Osipov. Eremin said that he need big guys in the game against CSKA. Thats why guards Alexey Zozulin stayed home and Osipov came to Moscow.

In the evening UNICS had a 1,5-hour practice in USH CSKA. Before it Stanislav Eremin and Nikolay Khryapa agreed to answer several questions for our site.

The head coach of CSKA Stanislav Eremin:

What are your tasks for this season?
- As any other professional team we want to be the first. The president of the club didnt give us and players some tasks before the season but we realized that we have to move into all finals in all tournaments we play.

Which teams could take medals of the Russian championship?
- I think that UNICS can.

Who do you like best of all in CSKA?
- The head coach (smiling).

And who from CSKA players would you like to see in your team?
- CSKA has very good roster. I think that any Russian team would like to see the players of the Army team in their roster.

Which position in your team isnt good enough?
- I think that I can answer this question just after the games against CSKA and Ural-Great.

What is this game for you?
- It is ordinary game for us like any other in the Superleague. Like in any other game we dont want to lose.

Who are the best players in your team this moment?
- The climate in the team is very good now. We have very good players who can solve any tasks. But I dont want to say about some players personally now.

The forward of UNICS Nikolay Khryapa:

Is it difficult for you to play against your brother?
- I already got used to it. In Saratov we player in one team but on practices we played against each other like now. It is good to play against my brother not against other players.

Would you like to play with your brother again?
- Yes, of course. I would like to spend more time with him. We havent much time for it because of our difficult schedules. We speak by phone but its not enough.

What is this game for you?
- In Superleague we didnt have very tough games yet, so it will be serious examination for us. It is always very good to play against so famous and strong teams like CSKA.

After the game in the morning UNICS will go to Belgium. There they will play against local Telindus in the Euroleague FIBA.

Nikolay Khryapa (photo
Stanislav Eremin (photo