Without Sensations

J.R.Holden & Marcus Brown (photo M.Serbin)
Record of CSKA remained an unblemished 6-0 with the victory in Saratov. In the 6th round of the Superleague the Army team defeated Avtodor. This season Saratov team made a mini-sensation while defeating one of the favorites - Ural Great Perm. That why their fans waited from players good game against CSKA.

Avtodor vs CSKA: 69-74

The beginning of the game has denied expectations of the local fans. Jon Robert Holden for the first time played as a Russian player. Thank it the head coach of the Army team Dusan Ivkovis substituted Panov to Turkcan in the start roster. Turkey forward made 9 point and 10 rebound in the first half.

On the 3rd minute of the game CSKA led with 9-0. Just after it the guard of Avtodor reached first points for his team. After 3 point from Udrih Saratov team made score 8-11. But this moment guards of CSKA Holden and Brown were very good and the Army team went to the first break with 24-12.

On the 12 minute of the game Ivkovic substituted Holden who made 10 points already to Papaloukas. The rhythm of the game became slowly thats why the head coach of the Army team had to ask for two time-outs.

Till 11 minutes to the final buzzer CSKA was leading 59-38, it was seems that all is solved already. But Avtodor wasnt agreed with it. The Army team lost concentration. They started the last quarter with 59-43. 3 points of Monya and Holden didnt stop Saratov team. Next four minutes young team of Spahija won with 14-2. Nobody in CSKA couldnt stop Avtodor forward Vladimir Veremeenko who become MVP of his team (16 points and 11 rebounds). Till 1,5 minute to the final buzzer CSKA lead 71-64. To this moment Khriapa and Monya who played on their native arena had 5 fouls.

But this game finished without sensation. CSKA won 74-69 and stayed the leader of the Superleague.