CSKA clobbered EURAS

Alexander Bashminov (photo M.Serbin)
In the second match of the season CSKA gained more than confident victory in Yekaterinburg. The Army team defeated local EURAS 107-49.

EURAS vs CSKA: 49-107

EURAS struggled only in the beginning of the first quarter till 6-9. Then CSKA began to pressing. The Army team played as they want. They could do everything: steals, rebounds, 3-points throws. CSKA won the first quarter 36-12. Nothing has changed after the rest. The score before the beak break was 54-20.

The third quarter was the most interesting. The EURAS players began to fight, they could gain 8 points at the beginning. The defense of the Army team was not good at this moment. The head coach of CSKA had to ask for time-out. After the minute pause his team played very well. Papaloukas and Turkcan showed a good play in the attack. With the 6 minutes to the enf of the game Egor Vialtsev started the game. He couldn’t scored some points, but made several good assists. The center of CSKA Dragan Tarlac scoder two points, and the Army team won 107-49.