The season is continuing

Zakhar Pashutin (photo
The army team is continuing its way to the title of Russian championship. In the third game of the quarterfinal serie of play-off CSKA defeat Ural Great Perm. The key moment was the beginning of the last quarter when our team scored 10 points in a row.

Ural Great - CSKA: 82-106

In the early beginning Perm team has shown they they are not ready to finish quarterfinal serie and full season in the third game. During three quarters Ural Great did not give up, made several spurts. Only in the beginning of the last quarter they missed 10-points spurt of CSKA. Team of Perm was too tired to make another one spurt to get the opponent and the result of the game became clear.

Zakhar Pashutin and John Holden became best snipers of CSKA both scoring 18 poitns. Antonio Granger added 12, Sergey Panov scored 11, and Dimos Dikoudis and Martin Muursepp both added 10.

The head coach of CSKA Dusan Ivkovic:

I think that my team deserved this win which was not easy. After Euroleague Final Four we needed time to return to our rtythme and decide our problems. In the first quarter our defense was not on the expect level and we let Ural Freat to score many points. We had problems when opponent played with two fouth numbers but we could decide id by puting to the court Panov and Muursepp. We could not stop Hoskin till the last quarter, he played great today. I congratulate my players with reachinf the semifinal. Also I congratulate Ural Great who did not give up all 40 minutes.

The head coach of Ural Great Valdemaras Chomicius:

The last game of the season was good. Yes, we lost, but I cant blame my players. Today they have shown all their best. But it is impossible to defeat CSKA with our short bench which became much short today because of the losing several injured players more. I am sarisfied of our play today. Now my players are sitting in the locker room and drink champagne for the end of the season. Now they can do it.
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