Productive and informative

Dimitris Itoudis (photo:
Our teams head coach Dimitris Itoudis participated in online-meetings with his EuroLeague colleagues.

We had a chance to discuss many topics, Dimitris Itoudis said. On the first day we had a meeting of the coaches with Jordi Bertomeu taking part in it. Definitely we all feel a sense of uncertainty, because nobody can predict what we will see when the season starts, different countries experience different effects of the pandemic. On the other side we miss basketball a lot and we want to get back to playing games. And our fans are missing basketball, they are missing the games of competitive and attractive league. Anyway it is always a good thing to talk and exchange ideas with colleagues. When you talk and listen you become wiser. On the second day we discussed refereeing together with Mr.Richard Stokes, EuroLeague chief of referees. The meeting lasted for almost 10 hours. We have watched a lot of highlights of last year games, expressed our opinions and exchanged ideas how to make our game better, more attractive to the fans. Overall it was a great effort by EuroLeague, as both meetings happened to be productive and informative. EuroLeague have shown permanent growth in many areas, and the fact that every coach has a chance to share his opinion, to contribute to development of the competition, is very important. I think we developed right collaboration and we may do many positive changes on different levels together.