Thank you, Mikhail!

Mikhail Kulagin (photo: M. Serbin,
Our club parts ways with guard Mikhail Kulagin upon expiration of his contract.

Mikhail is a trainee of basketball schools in Moscow. Taking into account his Sports School and CSKA junior teams years he spent 8 years in red and blue colors, including 5 seasons for the main team. Kulagin won 2 EuroLeague (2016, 2019) and 4 VTB League titles with CSKA, he was called to debut for the National Team while being the Army Team player and he participated at FIBA World Cup in 2019.

The guard played 91 games (6 starts) for CSKA main team, averaging 5.0 points, 1.0 rebounds, 1.5 assists and 0.5 steals in 10.1 minutes.

Andrey Vatutin, PBC CSKA President:
Kulagin is one of the most talented and spectacular players in modern Russian basketball, he proved himself in the club and the National Team. In 5 years with CSKA he got a chance to work together with the best European players on his position. Unfortunately, he was chased by multiple injuries in the last two seasons. Together with tough competition it did not allow him to improve in the way the player himself and the coaching staff expected. I am sure that Mikhail will be ready for the challenge, that he will be back into shape and he will be able to showcase his highest level of play. I sincerely wish him health, good luck and many victories on the next stage of his career.

Dimitris Itoudis, CSKA head coach:
We spoke with Misha, and he told me that we dont say farewell, we will see each other and hopefully our paths will cross again, we will work together. I agree with this attitude 100 per cent. He has a talent and wish to become better. Misha also told me that when he just came to our team he was watching basketball in different way. Now he has different angles in understanding the game, and we are proud of this. Unfortunately, injuries did not allow Misha to develop more, to help our team more. Now it is a good moment for him to find another destination.

Mikhail Kulagin:
To tell you the truth, it is difficult to find the right words, because practically all my life is connected to the Army Club. I would like to thank everyone who was around in this past five years. Together we won two EuroLeague titles and 4 VTB Leagues. Every player can only dream about it, and the time has come for me to make a next step in my career. I wish all the Army Men to stay healthy in this difficult times. I would like to separately thank Andrey Vatutin, Natalia Furaeva and obviously Dimitris Itoudis for the chance to be the CSKA player. It was a great honor for me to wear red-and-blue uniform. Also Id like to address warm words to our MVP Will Clyburn. See you on the court!