Food for thoughts

Dimitris Itoudis (photo:
Our teams head coach Dimitris Itoudis hosted the webinar for colleagues from North America.

Dimitris Itoudis, CSKA head coach:
I was contacted by [Erie BayHawks, G-League team, head coach] Ryan Pannone who expressed huge interest from coaches worldwide to the job we do at CSKA as the coaching staff and organization. So we organized a webinar which gathered more than 300 colleagues, working on different positions for NBA, WNBA, G-League, men and women college teams, high-school teams, coaches from other teams in Europe, Asia and America, former players. The most famous names were Portland head coach Terry Stotts, New York head coach Mike Miller, coaching veterans Stan Van Gandy and Mike Brown. I took the invitation as an honor to share our basketball knowledge and approach. The whole conversation lasted for 3.5 hours, I displayed close to 90 highlights of our plays. The main basketball subject was the way we attack different types of defenses. I was happy to receive many messages, and I see that my colleagues liked the clinic. It will be interesting how they adopt the knowledge they got. At least they received some food for thoughts.

Ryan Pannone, Erie BayHawks head coach:
Through a connection with Kyle Hines, I was able to get into contact with coach Itoudis and ask him if he would share what has helped make CSKA one of the most dominant teams in the world over the last six years. Coach Itoudis graciously spent over three hours explaining CSKAs mobile offenses and offensive concepts at the clinic, and since most American coaches are very eager to learn what makes European basketball great, Coach Itoudis clinic was well-attended and received by a variety of NBA general managers and other front office staff, as well as NBA head coaches and assistant coaches, along with over 40 Division 1 college head coaches and 10 NBA G-League head coaches.