Offence, offence…

Martin Muursepp (photo S.Makarov)
CSKA wins a game in Pau – 103-93. The result is quite unusual for the Army club. For the second time in three seasons CSKA reached the mark of 100+ points scored in a game. Last time it happened in a match against Cibona in Top 16 in 2003.

Pau Orthez vs CSKA: 93-103

The best CSKA scorer was Martin Muursepp who managed to score 6 out of 7 three point shots. Aleksey Savrasenko added 16 points and J.R.Holden – 13. The player who recorded team high 5 rebounds was Marcus Brown.

CSKA started to control the game from the 5th minute on after several Aleksey Savrasenko shots helped the team to hold the first Pau attempts to lead the game – 7-2. Although the guest could not get to the comfortable double digits lead until the last quarter, the control was obvious. The game in general was a bit faster, then CSKA got used to. On the press conference after the game CSKA head coach Dusan Ivkovic explained the reason – his players did not have enough motivation for the game.

Nevertheless CSKA won another game, the serie of the victories goes on even when CSKA has almost no goals on this stage of the tournament except winning each and every game.

CSKA head coach Dusan Ivkovic:

- Both teams showed a great offensive game tonight with the shooting percentage higher than average. The other thing that is worth to mention about the game is the fast rhythm of it. CSKA and Pau showed pretty well that the teams are in a good shape.I guess CSKA deserves the win. My team controlled the game for all 40 minutes. Rather poor defensive performance could be explained with the lack of motivation of CSKA players.I know that Pau has a lot of problems to fix right now and I wish the team good luck in the future.

Pau-Orthez head coach Didier Gadou:
- We tried to show our best tonight. But I can say we succeeded in the offence more than in defense. Although it was not enough to win.We fight for the win until the very last minute, but CSKA controlled the game too good.We will try to show the basketball of the high level in our next two games in the Euroleague against Pao and Benetton. We have to do it for our fans.

Theodoros Papaloukas (photo S.Makarov)
Sergey Monya (photo S.Makarov)
David Andersen (photo S.Makarov)
Chatman vs Holden (photo S.Makarov)
Antonio Granger (photo C.Makarov)
Martin Muursepp (photo S. Makarov)
Marcus Brown (photo S. Makarov)
Sergey Panov (photo S. Makarov)